What Kind of Men do Rich Women Hate the Most

What Kind of Men do Rich Women Hate the Most

Dating has two version when it comes to choosing a partner between men and women. A rich man can choose to date any girl irrespective of her background but as long as she is beautiful. A man can date a girl only for a good company. But in women’s case it is totally different. Rich women are very much selective when it comes to picking a dating partner. They are very selective and will stick to exactly what they want to find in a man. Therefore, rich women will date men who have similar or almost the same financial status or are part of the high society. So, if you want to date or looking for a wealthy woman, you will have to button up your sleeves and start working immediately. You will need to acquire financial stability and have an active and a powerful social network if you want to be recognized by these women.

Majority of people are still disturbed with this question about the types of men rich women hate the most. The following points below will present these types and the reason they are not appreciated at all by rich and successful women.

“Sugar boys” or the male equivalent of “sugar babies”

One of the things women hate the most is to feel that they are used by men to reach a higher status. Believe it or not, there are men that prefer looking for a rich woman instead of working to get there. Women don’t appreciate supporting a man financially at all. So, as soon as they find out that the man is not capable of supporting himself financially or uses them to get benefits, they will ditch that man faster than you can blink. While rich women don’t need any kind of support, they want to know that the man next to them is also independent and capable of dealing with any kind of situation.

Men that complain or victimize themselves

Let us not forget we are dealing with women that are very strong and hard working. Many rich women earned their status and wealth by swimming against the current and working from dawn to dusk. So, they will definitely not appreciate a man that constantly complains about his life or failures. In the opinion of a successful woman, if something is not as desired or is not working out, you should do something to change it, instead of complaining about the things that bother you. Also, they don’t like men that victimize themselves. Everybody fails, so what? Yes, you do feel disappointed and sad, but you also have to get up and work harder next time.

Men that are lazy or ignorant

A rich woman will always have a busy schedule. She knows that nothing can be achieved without acting accordingly. So, such a woman will never date a man that is satisfied by mediocrity. She will want an ambitious man, a man that is as dedicated to his goals as she is to hers. Wealthy women will not like to waste their time, so most certainly they will not accept a partner that does this either. Considering that rich women have everything they need and don’t need a man to get what they want, they are looking for men that can be their partners, not their supporters or backup plan.


If a man has a new love, he forgets the old love. Then he can’t get the true love of rich woman.

Therefore if you are looking for a rich woman to date and you suddenly discover that you fall among this category then this rich women are not for you and to succeed you must change to meet with their taste.

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